Mold Removal Lauderhill

Certified Mold Removal in Lauderhill

If you have experienced flood damage in a home or business, then contact us at 954-874-8016 to hire our insured and bonded water removal company. Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) is a specialized business devoted to the service of water cleanup in businesses and homes in South Florida. Mold removal in Lauderhill and surrounding communities is a major concern for local residents and that is why we at CPR have made it a prime focus of the services provided by of our company. This focus is further demonstrated by continuing training of our technicians in water extraction, moisture removal, and mold cleanup and removal.

Get Rid of Mold Growth on a Building’s Walls and Ceilings

However, mold growth in a building can also happen quickly due to small leaks from water pipes and hoses. It is quite common for these leaks to go unnoticed because the water damage is occurring between drywall surfaces of walls and ceilings. Mold spores exist on most interior surfaces of a home such as insulation inside buildings or padding under carpeting. As moisture from water hoses and pipes leaks on underlying surfaces, mold colonies begin to grow leading to a musty odor in your business or home. In addition to unusual odors, you may notice discolorations on drywall.

Professional Water Damage Restoration is Necessary

The discolorations you see might have odd colors such as orange, yellow or green with a fuzzy or smooth texture. Immediately contacting a mold removal company such as Certified Priority Restoration is the best plan to prevent additional damage to a building. Many business or homeowners will attempt amateur methods with store-bought cleaners to remove the discolorations from surfaces in a building. This amateur cleanup method does not work because the mold is growing from inside the walls.

24/7 Service from Experts

At Certified Priority Restoration, we are available for round-the-clock water extraction and repair services. We do not delay making water damage repairs to a building’s structure or contents. Fast water removal and extraction methods are the best defense against mold growth in a building after a flood or leak occurs. In addition, professional water extraction and removal of damaged materials is necessary to prevent mold from growing. If mold has begun to grow, then our technicians remove carpeting and padding to sanitize flooring to destroy mold spores. We also use specialized air circulation systems to dry surfaces in your home while removing musty odors.

Prevent Mold Now!

Calling Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016 to prevent mold in your home is the best plan of action after a water damage incident. We answer client service calls around-the-clock to make sure mold spores do not have time to destroy interior structures in a building. After you contact us, we arrive at your home or business with a service van filled with the state of the art technology and the industrial equipment that is perfect for efficient water extraction. Water damage restoration for business and home is our specialty.