Mold Removal Lake Worth

Professional Remediation is Required

Sitting at or below sea level and consisting of a humid, tropical climate, South Florida is a breeding ground for mold. With increased risk of flooding from hurricanes, and with the humidity usually above 50 percent, Lake Worth residents must constantly be on the lookout for mildew growth and indoor mold in their homes and commercial properties. Faced with such a prevalence of mold, residents of this area often make the mistake of trying to tackle their mold problems by themselves. This can lead to the unnecessary growth of additional mold and an increased risk of health problems. Mold can be really dangerous; so of you need mold removal in Lake Worth, please contact the mold removal experts at Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495. We will begin to remove dangerous mold from your property in under an hour.

Completely Removing Mold can Prevent Serious Health Problems

Although the severity of the health problems related to mold exposure can vary depending on multiple variables, such as the spore count, type of mold, and the amount of mold present, mold can cause significant health problems for you and your loved ones. The most common symptoms of health problems related to mold exposure include runny eyes, cough, chronic fatigue, rashes, and nasal congestion. If the mold problem goes unidentified or untreated, the symptoms can escalate into severe medical conditions.

If you have any reasons to believe that mold may be present in your home, or if you’re experiencing a lower indoor air quality you should:

  • Have your property inspected by a certified mold remediation company like Certified Priority Restoration that will perform mold tests and capture air samples to identify the type and amount of mold spores.
  • Isolate any areas with visible mold to help deter the spread of the mold and the contamination of other areas of the property.
  • Next, Certified Priority Restoration will remove all existing mold and disinfect the property and the contents of the property to prevent the mold from returning. It’s important to choose a certified company that is bonded and insured, and will provide a warranty for their services. Certified Priority Restoration hires only professionally trained mold removal technicians, and we stand behind our work 100%.
  • After successful removal of the mold and restoration of your indoor quality, it’s important to make water damage and mold prevention a part of your monthly routine.

Begin a Program of Mold Prevention

Over the past decade, air quality technology has evolved substantially. Now, electrostatic filters and HEPA filters are easily available to help you minimize the spread of toxic mold spores. In addition to these advanced filters, improved ventilation systems and mold removal techniques have also revolutionized the mold remediation process. Your Certified Priority Restoration technician will be happy to recommend one for you.

If you uncover any mold in your home, a red flag should immediately be raised because the problem can impact the health of you and your family. Once mold has established itself within the walls of your property, it will continue to spread. The sooner you treat your property and eliminate the source of the mold, the safer and more comfortable you and your family will be. Contact Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 now and we can begin the process in under an hour.