Mold Removal in Hollywood

If you need mold removal in Hollywood, Florida, Certified Property Restoration (CPR) is the company to call; they are one of the best mold companies in south Florida. You can reach us 24 hours per day / 7 days per week, and we will have a technician at your property in 30 minutes or less to give you a free estimate on water damage, mold damage and mold remediation. Mold mitigation requires exacting removal procedures by trained mold removal specialists. The professionals at Certified Property Restoration understand the health risks presented by the presence of mold in a home. They guarantee the complete eradication of the mold in your home or business location.

Mold feeds off of the organic matter in a home in places such as ceiling cavities, walls, tiles and floor spaces. If water drips into an enclosed surface, mold can rapidly grow and eventually leak into the breathing air. If mold spores are breathed in by the home’s inhabitants, it can cause serious health problems, including wheezing, coughing, and severe congestion. A runny nose or a sinus infection, bronchitis or asthma may result from an immune system that has been compromised by inhaling mold spores.

Homeowners should regularly check their homes for signs of surface mold such as a musty odor and allergies that only occur in the indoor home environment. Indoor areas that are high in humidity should also be checked along with places in the home where there was previous flooding or leakage. Contact the mold removal Hollywood specialists at Certified Priority Restoration for fast mold removal services and to prevent damage to health and property.

If you have had a fire extinguished, water extraction must be handled immediately. Otherwise, water can seep into floors, walls and other areas in the home. Mold will begin breeding right away. Part of undertaking water cleanup is mitigating flood damage as soon as possible.

Water damage repair may involve drying out or repairing carpets and drying areas beneath baseboards and walls. Flooring, such as laminate can absorb water rapidly which causes buckling and other severe water damage.

Once all the water has been removed and the interior of the home has completely dried, the CPR specialists will assess what needs to be done for the water damage restoration. New floors may need to be laid, and carpets must be stretched, installed and re-anchored. If a broken pipe was the cause of the flooding, this will need to be repaired also. We can handle the repairs for you.

When a flood or other water damage occurs, water removal must be performed immediately. If not, mold and other further damage will develop from the standing water. The professionals at Certified Property Restoration will be there to help in less than half an hour and are available for emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our technicians are certified and well trained. By getting to you quickly, we can help keep water damage from spreading. Whether your water damage is from a hurricane, a broken pipe or from some other water source, the professional team at CPR can handle it all. We have the most modern, state of the art equipment to handle your problem.

Contact CPR for Mold Removal in Hollywood

For fast and thorough mold removal in Hollywood, call Certified Priority Restoration now at: 954-874-8016. The professionals at CPR mitigate and repair water and mold damage in Hollywood and throughout Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida. We will gladly bill your homeowner’s or flood insurance carrier directly, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.