Mold Removal Greenacres

Experienced in Greenacres Mold Removal

You have to deal with water damage and mold quickly here in South Florida, where warm temperatures and high humidity rapidly turns a little mold into a full-blown health hazard. Any moisture trapped inside the structure of your home or business creates the perfect environment for mold to set in. Fortunately, you’ve come to the experts in water damage remediation and mold removal for property owners in Greenacres. Due to the damaging nature of mold and moisture, correcting the problems requires the level of knowledge, experience and skill working with Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) gives you. Call them at 561-847-3495

Home Remedies Do Not Kill Mold

Mold only appears and spreads in the right conditions, which are constantly damp or wet places. A leak in the roof, excessive heavy rainfall, a plumbing problem, or overflow can all create the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Once it starts, if it is not taken care of properly, structural quality and air quality are in danger of deterioration. A little bleach or store-bought spray is not going to work. The surface will look better temporarily, but the mold will resurface with a vengeance. Call the mold removal experts at CPR 561-847-3495

Your Problem Isn’t Just The Mold

There is water extraction and water damage repair that need addressing as well, because the mold is a symptom. The cause is actually trapped moisture, and locating the source isn’t always easy. Water and moisture travels on gravity along the path of least resistance and settles in unseen, and hard to reach places. Total mold removal in Greenacres is a serious undertaking. Leave it to the experienced professionals at CPR.

There Are Many Types of Mold

The first step to eradicating mold is to identify exactly what kind of mold is present. Some molds are more difficult to get rid of than others. All areas in which mold is growing need sealing off to stop it from spreading, which it will do very fast when the right conditions are present. Certified Priority Restoration technicians quickly send a sample of your mold to a lab for identification. With the results in hand, we can give you a detailed plan for removal. At CPR, we use state-of-the-art high-powered vacuum technology for thorough mold removal and cleaning of the affected area. We dispose of all collected debris safely, and professionally.

You Can’t Live With Mold for Long

The foul stench or musky scent in the air will only get worse over time. You might not see the tell-tale black or green spots anywhere, but you will definitely smell it. It will make living or working inside the building impossible. Don’t delay in getting mold removal service. Some molds affect your health long before the situation gets to a point of odor intolerance. Put your good health and property value in the capable hands of Certified Priority Restoration. We are a certified, insured, and bonded mold removal company that is insurance approved. Our highly trained technicians won’t keep you waiting. Get fast, professional mold removal in Greenacres… Call 561-847-3495 Now.