Mold Removal Coral Springs

Mold removal in Coral Springs needs a professional

When mold becomes apparent in the home, the homeowner should be immediately concerned. Mold is a sign of water damage in the home, and left untreated can result in very costly repairs and renovation. If your home or business needs mold removal in Coral Springs, you need to call the mold removal expert team at Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016 for a mold analysis and treatment / removal plan. Without treatment, mold can damage a home to the point where major restoration or rebuilding is the only recourse, which will be costly. It’s important that you act as soon as you recognize a potential mold problem.

Excess water and Moisture must be Removed First

Mold occurs in moist and wet areas around the home, and can happen for many reasons. Poor caulking or sealing in windows can lead to mold, as can burst or leaking pipes. Poorly ventilated homes where pipes ‘sweat’ can also cause mold to appear, as can bulging wood that has been exposed to moisture for too long. Since mold loves moist, wet areas, a homeowner can safely assume that once they see mold in their house they have some kind of excess water issue. Removal of the water and the source of the moisture is the first and most important step in eliminating the problem or the mold will quickly return.

The bonded and insured professional technicians from Certified Priority Restoration will locate where the water damage is coming from and completely dry the area to prevent future damage. Then they will remove dangerous mold from the home, disinfect the entire home and make any other required repairs. With Certified Priority Restoration on your side you will gain control over the water damage that is damaging your property and prevent the problem from getting worse. Without treatment, mold will quickly go from a simple annoyance to a truly dangerous situation.

Immediate action will lower the cost of mold removal in Coral Springs

You should not wait if you experience mold in your home or business as this almost always means you have an undetected source of water or moisture in your building. Left untreated, water causes wood to rot and bulge, walls to bulge, leaks to weaken the foundation of the home, and mold will grow that can be both dangerous and unsightly. The quicker that Certified Priority Restoration can locate the exact issue and identify what is causing mold in the first place, the less expensive the overall cost of the repairs will be.

There in 30 minutes or less

Certified Priority Restoration is the best way to ensure a healthier home and a safer foundation. You should call 954-874-8016 to schedule an immediate consult and have your mold issue taken care of now. We will have a certified technician at your property in 30 minutes or less. Without care and treatment, mold can quickly consume a home and make repairs and replacements expensive, so call Certified Priority Restoration right now.