A Wet Place to Live

As residents of South Florida, we all know too well that floods happen. Even though we prepare and sandbag our homes, there are, unfortunately, times when that is not enough and the water still comes in. Hurricanes, flooding rain, and high humidity can make it hard to keep your home dry and your carpet sanitary! That soggy carpet and flooring can cause much more damage if it is not cleaned up soon and with the proper equipment! Mold and rotting building material can result when flood water is not cleaned away soon enough or not cleared away properly. South Florida residents can trust the professionals at Certified Priority Restoration to get rid of the unwanted water from their home or business carpets completely! When living in such a wet place, it is nice to know who you can call on when things get soggy!

Dangerous Side Effects!

Water damage is nothing to play around with or take lightly. When your carpet suffers water damage, you will want to get it removed as soon as possible. The risks of standing water or moisture inside a home or building, or in and under your carpet, can be very dangerous. Mold can start to grow fast in moist areas and our warm, humid climate of South Florida doesn’t help slow this process down! Mold spores float around in the air and can enter your lungs with ease. People with asthma, allergies, immune suppression, lung disease, or other breathing problems will be at extreme risk if they enter a building with mold present. Some side effects of mold can include skin rash, eye irritation, cough, congestion, and difficulty breathing. Some even more severe effects can result from mold exposure such as fever, fatigue, coughing up blood, nose bleeds, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, and even liver damage. If you have standing water in your home or business, you are very likely to have mold within only a couple of days! You should not enter your home if you suspect large amounts of mold. Call us at Certified Priority Restoration immediately and we will take action for you!

How We Do It.

Water cleanup can be a very daunting task, but you can rest assured that our professional cleaning crew will have no problem cleaning and sanitizing your floors and even carpet. With our specially designed state of the art equipment, we can safely clean and get rid of all standing water. With our water cleanup service, you will have a dry carpet in no time! Our 24/7 emergency service allows professional cleaners to be onsite within 30 minutes of your call! We also offer free estimates from certified technicians!

Start Your Cleanup Process Now!

If you are interested in learning more about the effects of water and moisture on your home or business property, or how to remove water and dry out a flooded building, you are invited to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 in Palm Beach County or 954-874-8016 in Broward County.

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