Dripping faucets are not just annoying, but can cause real problems for a Palm Beach or Broward County homeowner. This can range from water damage beneath the sink to mold to water bills that are higher than they need to be.

But the way a dripping faucet is fixed depends largely on what kid of faucet it is. There are basically four types of faucets. There’s the compression faucet, which always have separate controls for hot and cold water, a disk faucet, which mixes the water in a mixing chamber and uses a pair of disks to control the flow of the water and control the temperature, a rotating ball faucet, which has a ball inside with openings that line up with the hot and cold water and the spout and the cartridge type, which works much like a disk faucet but has a cartridge and sleeve instead.

Fixing A Compression Faucet

Use a screwdriver to take out the escutcheon on the handle, then take off the handle by lifting it straight up. Then, remove the packing nut. Screw out the stem. The washer will be at the bottom of the stem. Above it is the O-ring. Replace both of them.

Fixing A Disk Faucet

Pry off the escutcheon cap, then take off the screw and handle. Take off the screws that hold the cartridge in place and pull it out. The unit can be replaced in its entirety if that’s necessary. Clean off any dirt and make sure that the inlet seals are sound. Then, reinsert the new or repaired cartridge unit. Make sure that the screws are aligned with the holes.

Fixing A Rotating Ball Faucet

These types of faucets are quite durable and when they start to leak it’s almost always because the O-ring is failing. These faucets have repair kits that include new O-rings, springs and seats, but the homeowner needs to make sure he or she buys the kit for a certain make and model.

A rotating ball faucet can have a stable or swiveling spout. If the spout is fixed, take off the handle and the cap. If the faucet has a swivel spout, the spout will need to come off too. Then, check the ball to see if it’s worn or corroded and replace it if necessary. Then, replace the O-ring. Reassemble everything and place it back in the housing.

Fixing A Cartridge Faucet

If this type of faucet starts to leak, it’s also a problem with the O-rings. With this type of faucet, a homeowner will need to pull out the restraining clip with needle nose pliers. The cartridge will then be able to be pulled out easily. Replace the O-rings.

Fixing a leaking faucet as soon as possible will cut down on the amount of water damage and may make water clean up, and mold removal unnecessary. But if you are interested in learning more about the effects of water and moisture on your home or business property, or how to remove water and dry out a flooded building, you are invited to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495 in Palm Beach County or 954-874-8016 in Broward County.

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