Dealing with Blocked Drains
If you have a blocked drain anywhere in your home, then you are likely aware of just how much of a hassle this can be. Whether it is a blocked shower drain, sink drain, or any other type of drain, these blockages can certainly make your life difficult and can cause water damage in Boca Raton. Fortunately, there are some do-it-yourself techniques that you can try out as a way of possibly clearing your blocked drain.  If worse comes to worse, the good news is that you can always call for the help of a professional to come out to your home and have the clog taken care of in no time.

Using a Store-Bought Product
If it is clear that there is no obvious object blocking the drain, then the best thing to do is to begin with a store-bought drain cleaning product to see if this could do the trick. These tend to be either liquid or foam solutions that you pour down your drain and allow to sit for typically about 15 minutes. During that time, the chemicals in the solution work to break down anything that may be blocking the drain; this includes not only hair, but other potential blockages as well. Once the solution has had time to work its magic, you simply flush out the drain with hot water and the clog should be cleared.

Drain Snaking
If the store-bought solution does not do the trick, then you may instead wish to try a drain snake as a possible solution. These are long, flexible rods with prongs that protrude from the sides. These prongs are meant to catch hair and other materials that may be blocking the drain itself. To use a drain snake, start by donning a pair of gloves. Then, open the cover to the drain and insert the snake as deep as possible. Upon pulling the snake back out, you will likely see clumps of hair and other debris. Remove the debris from the snake and then repeat the process until you no longer have any debris when you pull the snake back out. This is a great alternative to using a foam or liquid cleaner and can be very effective in cleaning out your drain.

Hiring a Professional and Avoiding Water Damage in Boca Raton

Of course, not all drain clogs can be remedied on your own. Some cases will call for the help of a professional. Just be sure to have the problem taken care of as soon as possible to avoid further problems such as water damage in Boca Raton. If you would like to know more about the effects of water and moisture in your home or business, call the company with 35 years of experience; Certified Priority Restoration. In Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County call 561-847-3495.

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