Flood Damage West Palm Beach

In many places rain is a welcome sight, especially after periods of drought. However when severe thunderstorms or hurricanes pound an area with several inches of water, the wish is for the rain to just go away. When the heavy rain stops, it often leaves behind floods and destruction. If you are the victim of flood damage in West Palm Beach you need to call the professional flood services specialist at Certified Priority restoration. We can be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at 561-847-3495 and will arrive at your home or business in 30 minutes or less.

Floods ruin personal belongings, wash away landscaping and cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes. Leaving a flooded house sitting wet for several hours can increase the likelihood that parts or all of the dwelling will require extensive repairs. Mold and decay will start to take hold and before long structures become soggy, weak and will need to be replaced. Those who have experienced flood damage in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas know the importance of hiring professionals like those at Certified Priority Restoration who can clean up and dry up the soggy mess left behind by flood waters. When an area is hard hit and several homes are damaged, waiting for an insurance examiner before removing water could mean that you will suffer greater loss because of the damage caused by standing water. Certified Priority Restoration is authorized to repair the damage and bill most major insurance company’s directly.

Flood damage in West Palm Beach can breed mold

Mold growth is one of the by-products of flood damage. As soon as the water recedes, the warm air provides the perfect conditions for mold to form. Mold grows rapidly covering wood, carpet and anything else in its path. Left unchecked mold can spread throughout a dwelling making it very difficult and expensive to get rid of it. It can also cause respiratory issues and other health problems. It is best to begin mold remediation as soon as possible, however preventing the mold from forming in the first place means getting rid of the moisture source. The commercial driers used by Certified Priority Restoration are the most powerful available and will help get your property back to its pre-damaged condition.

Extracting water quickly can lessen severe water damage

Hiring Certified Priority Restoration to extract water from a structure will expedite drying and can lessen the chance for further damage. Removing the surface water and performing deeper extraction to remove as much water from permeable surfaces like wood will not take the surface back to original condition but can improve the condition of the space, allowing the occupants to return to the dwelling fairly quickly.

Water extraction removes harmful contaminants

Flooding brings with it contaminants than can be harmful. These contaminants can include raw sewage, pesticides and other chemicals and decaying matter. Sewage and decaying matter increase the chances for bacterial growth. The smells alone can be overwhelming. Additionally these substances can attract pests like flies and bugs. Water extraction can remove these harmful substances from a dwelling.

If your property has been affected by flood damage in West Palm Beach contact the professionals at certified Priority Restoration to help you with flood damage cleanup and get your house back to its original condition. Don’t allow your property to decay right before your eyes, take action and get rid of the water in your flooded property right now by calling Certified Priority Restoration at 561-847-3495.