Flood Damage in Stuart

South Florida gets many severe storms every year. That means lots of flooding from the various canals, rivers, streams and lakes all over the region. When your home or business suffers flood damage, you can’t afford to wait for clean up and repairs to begin. You need to call the one company with decades of experience in tackling flood damage in Stuart. Call Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) at 772-202-3322. They can have certified technicians on scene in 30 minutes.

Quick and Efficient Flood Damage Repair in Stuart 

Time is of the essence when flood waters enter your home or business. The longer water is left to stand in a room, the worse the damage will be in the end. Water can weaken floors to the point they collapse. In addition, damp areas of your home or business can become a breeding ground for mold and mosquitoes, posing numerous health risks to yourself, your family or your employees. This is why you need to call Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) and have them dispatch their certified, bonded and insured technicians right away. They have state of the art, EPA approved equipment designed to remove water from any room in a minimal amount of time so you can return to your life or business. No matter when your premises are flooded, CPR technicians can be there. They are on call at 772-202-3322, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They understand that the longer flood waters sit in a home or business, the more expensive the clean up and repair work will be to you.


Prompt Flood Damage Restoration 

When Certified Priority Restoration has removed all flood waters from your residential or commercial property, the work can begin to restore it to its original state. Their technicians can start mold removal procedures, which involve identifying the specific type of mold, sealing off the contaminated area and using HEPA high-powered vacuums to remove it. CPR technicians can check electrical outlets to make sure there are no short circuits that can pose a fire risk.

Convenient and Professional Flood Cleanup Service

Whether you have insurance or not, for flood damage to your home or business, Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) is the company to use for water removal and repairs. They are authorized to bill most major insurance companies in Southern Florida directly for flood damage services. This avoids the hassle of you paying CPR and then having to file a claim with your insurance company. So when a flood threatens to ruin your property, call the experts in dealing with flood damage Stuart. Call Certified Priority Restoration at 772-202-3322 and they will send their specially trained technicians to your home or business right away.