Flood Damage Repair Services

It does not matter whether you have a completely flooded house or are suffering with a flooded room; at Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) we are fully aware of the urgency of your situation. We work hard to make sure that you return to normal living or working conditions by removing flood water from your home or business as fast as possible. Call our experienced technicians at 1 (800) 974-2807 in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie counties.

CPR is a South Florida full-service restoration company that is fully committed to Flood damage Restoration. With our approach to your business or residential property, our staff is always ready to help you rebuild after a fire, flood or any other type of Water Damage. We also take pride in our years of experience and unparalleled customer satisfaction. We are also fully licensed and insured for your financial protection. If you are experiencing any kind of flooding damage we are here to help. Call us for immediate help at 1 (800) 974-2807 The sooner you remove the flooding damage from your property, the less costly the damages will be that you are likely to incur.  Most experts readily agree that the worst flood water damage happens when standing water stays in a flooded area or sits in a flooded home for more than a few hours. This means that time is of the essence when a flood occurs, and we’re available to respond to your needs any time day or night, 365 days a year within 30 minutes of your call to (800) 974-2807.

Flood Cleanup

If you’re looking for flood cleanup and emergency service, you can feel free to call Certified Priority Restoration at any time of the day or night. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our certified techs are ready with the equipment, tools and labor power that your home needs. In addition, our flood water extraction services are first rate, and we have state-of-the-art equipment that makes sure Flood water is removed in minimal time. Serious water damage requires prompt attention that ensures all standing water is removed and any damp areas are fully dried. This will help minimize the health risks that are associated with standing water and toxic mold growth. If your home or commercial property does not receive immediate flood water extraction, chances are nearly 100% that your property’s water damages will become more severe.

Flood Damage Restoration

We will work hard to make sure that you receive full Flood Damage Restoration. This helps you prevent the chances of mold removal and ensures the health of residents in your home. As part of our services, we always make sure that your furniture, carpet and miscellaneous items are removed right away, and we will start treatments that will help to eliminate or minimize microbial (mold) growth. Your personal property also has a higher chance for surviving Flood Damage, if it receives prompt attention. In addition, any electrical components that are in your home must be thoroughly dried as soon as possible. This decreases the potential for short circuiting and ensures that you can return to your daily routines as soon as possible.

Flood Damage Services

We understand you are concerned about keeping your costs for Flood damage restoration as low as possible.  If your damage is insured, Certified Priority Restoration will handle all of the insurance claim process and will be paid directly from your insurance company.  When you need flood restoration services and a high-quality crew that takes your satisfaction seriously, call Certified Priority Restoration at 1 (800) 974-2807 for immediate help.

With Certified Priority Restoration, you will never need another contractor because we can handle all associated water damage and flood repair services. We are always ready with technicians that can be at your home or business within 30 minutes.  Our certified technicians will arrive fully equipped to make sure that you receive a flood damage services that lets you return to business as usual as soon as possible. Remember, that we are a South Florida full-service Flood restoration company with years experience in home or business flood damage services rendered as fast and effectively as possible. Call our experienced technicians in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie counties at 1 (800) 974-2807.