Flood Damage Riviera Beach

Professionals for Flood Damage in Riviera Beach

Having a residential home or an office building flood is never a fun experience. There is definitely a helpless feeling that you can experience as you see water damaging carpet, walls and possessions. After the flood waters have stopped, it can be difficult to know how to handle the situation. Certified Priority Restoration is a company of experienced professionals who knows how to take care of Flood Damage in Riviera Beach. Call us at 561-847-3495 and we will help you.

A Thorough Inspection Process

We can send a certified technician to your home or business to assess your flood damage and provide you with a free no obligation estimate. We at Certified Priority Restoration take value in being upfront and honest on the work that needs to be done in a home or business facility. We want you to know the true situation on where things stand. Oftentimes, the problem can be worse that what is generally expected. After all, people judge things by what they see, such as water on the floor. What they can overlook is that drywall, and other material, can soak up water to the end that it provides an environment of mold and other problems. Our inspection process is thorough and we make sure that we have inspected every affected area of a building before we make a conclusion and present the findings to you. After we discuss the situation, arrive at a plan of action, we immediately begin the work.

Equipped, Certified, Experienced, On Time and Dependable

Being on time and completing the work thoroughly is important to us. We know that you have many things on your mind that relates to flood damage, such as lost possessions and living conditions. Therefore, we seek to be part of the solution by providing you the water damage services that will take care of all the damages and required repairs that the flood has brought to your home or office. Our technicians are bonded and insured as well as well as certified in the use of our state of the art equipment and the latest infrared technology which we use to locate and remove unseen water and lingering moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, which once located and identified, is also treated and removed.

Your Needs Met Now

Water in any type of building is a problem. It becomes a great problem the longer you wait. Therefore, give Certified Priority Restoration a call at 561-847-3495. Do not wait to take care of the flood damage. You do not need to feel helpless in your situation. Furthermore, we are on call seven days a week, 24 hours a day. These convenient hours are for you, since a flood does not schedule an appointment for when it is coming. We at Certified Priority Restoration are the professional in Riviera Beach here to help you so call us 1st at 561-847-3495, so you don’t have to call us 2nd!