Flood Damage Pompano Beach

A company that specializes in dealing with flood damage in Pompano Beach can swiftly remove water from a building of any size, dry furniture and equipment that has become wet and prevent mold from forming. Certified Priority Restoration’s technicians have 35 years of experience in flood damage cleanup in the South Florida area and can be on your property in 30 minutes or less by calling them at 954-874-8016.

The longer that water remains in a room of a home, the more damage the home will incur. Calling a trusted company, such as Certified Priority Restoration to remove water from your flooded house or business is vital and technicians from the CPR can usually arrive at your home within thirty minutes of the your initial call. Certified Priority Restoration is a company that uses the most effective equipment in order to quickly remove water. They have received many outstanding reviews from satisfied customers, for their flood services.

Fixing Flood Damage in Pompano Beach

Sometimes, removing water from a room can take hours, and while the technicians are removing water from a room, the technicians will quickly seal off the rooms that have become filled with water in order to prevent the water from leaking into other rooms. If water begins to leak into other rooms, it can damage walls and ceilings, weaken doors and even threaten the structural integrity of the home.

Sometimes, areas of the home that are not easy to see can become damaged, and if the homeowner doesn’t do anything about this unseen damage, the damage will become much worse over time. The bonded and insured technicians from Certified Priority Restoration can completely inspect a home and check certain areas, such as under the floorboards, in the ceiling or behind a drywall, in order to ensure that water hasn’t settled in the home.

Once the water has been removed from a room, the furniture, items and equipment in that room will still be quite wet, and using traditional methods, such as placing a heater near a wet piece of furniture, can take days to dry the furniture. A trusted company like Certified Priority Restoration will be able to extract the water from the furniture by using vacuums that have been specially designed for water extraction, and usually, the technicians can fully dry any item within several hours.

Removing Mold When Fixing Flood Damage in Pompano Beach

Mold can cause serious damage to any item on which it begins to grow, and even if the water has been removed from a room, mold can still begin to grow. CPR technicians can swiftly and safely remove mold and spray trusted cleaning products on the items in a room in order to prevent mold from growing in the future.

After a flood has occurred, an insurance company may not want to pay for all of the repairs that are necessary, but the professionals at Certified Priority Restoration will work with an insurance company to ensure that the company understands which techniques need to be implemented to repair damage in the home. If the insurance claim is approved, Certified Priority Restoration can accept payment directly from the insurance company instead of asking the customer to pay for the services upfront.

If you need help dealing with flood damage in Pompano Beach, call Certified Priority Restoration right now at 954-874-8016 to request emergency service and we will have one of our certified technicians be at your home or business in 30 minutes or less.