Flood Damage Plantation

Flood Damage in Plantation Requires Professional Cleanup and Drying

If you are a home or business owner in Plantation, then you are at risk of annual seasonal flooding. If you are the victim of a flood, you need to act quickly in order to prevent your flood damage in Plantation from causing extensive, long term damage. The longer it takes for you to remove the water and completely dry the premises and its contents, the more severe the damage is likely to be. For over 35 years, Certified Property Restoration has been repairing flood damage in Plantation and throughout South Florida. Call us right now at for flood cleanup 954-874-8016 and we will have a trained professional technician who is bonded and insured at your property in 30 minutes or less.

The Dangers of Flood Damage

Flood damage is something that should be taken very seriously and that you should not wait to have resolved. After all, even a small amount of standing water within your home can be very dangerous. As the water inevitably gets absorbed into the walls of your home, mold growth can become a potentially very serious problem. All it takes is a short period of time and the right conditions–such as a damp, warm area–to stimulate mold growth that could quickly get out of control and cause serious health problems to you and members of your family. Certified Property Restoration has the specific tools and equipment to effectively repair your flood damage in Plantation.

Water can also affect your home’s overall foundation and stability. Water is what can make wood rot, especially when left exposed to the wood for long periods of time. This is why you will want to have a professional company like Certified Property Restoration come out to your home as soon as possible to pump out any remaining water from the flood, dry out the area with heavy-duty dryers and vacuums, and ensure that your home is not going to suffer any long-term damage as a result. The longer you wait, the more likely you will be sorry that you did in the long run.

Working with Certified Professionals who Guarantee Your Flood Repairs

Fortunately, regardless of the specific situation you find yourself in when it comes to flooding at your home, our team of experts at Certified Property Restoration can help. Even if you do not have insurance to cover the costs, we offer affordable flood damage cleanup, repair, and restoration so that you can prevent any serious and long-term damage from occurring on your property. We respond within 30 minutes to emergency flooding situations so that we can begin removing water from your home and doing any other restorative work that needs to be done on your property right away. We will also offer free estimates for the costs of some of our most common services, such as flood damage repair, mold removal, and more.

Our level of service, experience, and commitment to your safety simply cannot be beat. Each moment you wait could be causing even further damage to your home. Call us right now at 954-874-8016 and we can begin to repair your flood damage in Plantation in under an hour.