Flood Damage North Palm Beach

Emergency Service for Flood Damage in North Palm Beach

It’s never too soon to call in the experts when sewage or flood waters have seeped into your home or offices, whether from damaged pipes of natural flooding. And if your commercial or residential property has suffered flood damage North Palm Beach, Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) is there for you 24 hours each day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Our fully trained and certified technicians can deploy to your residence in as little as 30 minutes to extract standing water, remove sewage, dry wet areas and eliminate mold. Call Now 561-847-3495!

Water Extraction Services

We’ll extract standing water and sewage from your building, using our high-tech and high-power pump systems. We will remove flood waters or sewage so it does not compromise your health. Our team of experts are trained and certified to remove flood water and sewage quickly and efficiently. Flooded areas appear dry on the surface at times, but water often seeps down into the padding beneath your carpet and behind paneling along your wall and into your drywalls and ceilings. We’ll stop mold growth and rot in their tracks by extracting water from rugs, carpets, paneling and all other elements of your building that have been inundated by flood waters.

Drying and Restoration Services

It’s not enough to remove the flood water and sewage, so we at Certified Priority Restoration use our state-of-the-art equipment to sanitize and dry all regions of your home or office that have been affected by flooding. Our high-power fans will aerate and dry your building to cut down on humidity and remove the moisture from your furnishings and flooring.

Mold and Sewage Removal Services

Mold can go unseen and unnoticed, until it starts to make you and the other occupants of your building sick. We at Certified Priority Restoration will run a thorough survey of the water damaged areas of your building to track down mold spores. If mold is found, we’ll subject samples of the spores to laboratory testing to determine exactly what type of mold we’re dealing with so that we can choose the best and most efficient course of action. We’ll cordon off and quarantine areas of your building where mold has been detected. We’ll remove the mold spores with our high-powered vacuums and we’ll disinfect the regions affected by mold to offer you lasting protection.

Why Call Us?

We back our water damage restoration services with our six-point promise. We at Certified Priority Restoration offer you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, 24-hour support, direct insurance billing, service from certified technicians, free estimates and we offer assistance in less than 30 minutes. If your commercial or residential property has suffered water or flood damage North Palm Beach, call Certified Priority Restoration now for your Free Estimate at (561)-847-3495.