Flood Damage North Lauderdale

In North Lauderdale a flood damaged home or business requires a quick response by a team of experienced technicians to minimize repair costs and secondary damage from water. At Certified Priority Restoration, we take emergency response seriously. A call to 954-874-8016 for our 24/7 dispatch service ensures a timely response to avoid more costly repairs and lengthier restoration time.

Identifying the Flood Source

The initial step for our bonded, insured and certified technicians is to locate the source of the flood damage in your North Lauderdale home. Their findings could result in a plumbing-related problem including damaged sewer pipes, overflowing toilets, burst water heater or leaking water lines. It could also be a result of a leaking roof or rising water from outdoors. Once the source of the flood is identified, CPR personnel take the proper actions to stop the flooding which may include but not be limited to; fix damaged or broken plumbing, repair the roof, or if necessary, build a barrier to stop water from penetrating into the house.

Water Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of the flood, CPR’s certified, bonded and insured technicians will begin the process of water damage restoration. This includes:

• An initial thorough inspection and assessment of the damage
• Water extraction and sewage cleanup to eliminate excess moisture
• Removal of non-restorable materials and debris
• Sanitizing and deodorizing damaged areas
• Mold removal, when necessary
• Drying surfaces on all structural areas to prevent termite infestation and mold using air scrubbers, air movers and other proven effective drying systems
• Dehumidification using the latest technologically advanced equipment
• Restoration of walls, ceilings, carpets, floors, books, paper goods and other salvageable possessions
• Final repairs on all water damaged areas and installation of new building materials and contents

Safety and Health Requirements

Floodwaters often contain harmful contaminants, especially when a broken or backed up sewer pipe causes the damage. The skilled team of technicians at Certified Priority Restoration follows all mandated federal safety and health requirement guidelines. CDR’s proactive safety and health actions often requires removing porous materials that are water soaked including carpeting, insulation, wood paneling, wallboard (drywall), draperies, and furniture, to ensure the health of house hold occupants as well as our employees.

Mold Prevention

At Certified Priority Restoration we understand that a quick response to your home is crucial for mold prevention. Standing water, excess moisture, and even mildly soaked furniture and building materials can create a serious health hazard. Not only can the high levels of moisture cause secondary water damage to your home, it can quickly build the ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria and other harmful contaminants. Under the ideal conditions, these contaminants can begin building a huge colony within just a few hours.

Dealing with Insurance

Navigating the claims process with your insurance company on your own can be a real hassle. Fortunately, we work directly with the insurance adjusters and insurance carriers to provide all the necessary documentation, tests and photographs required for your insurance claim.

Why Certified Priority Restoration?

Not every insurance-approved water damage restoration company performs the same quality of work. Our experienced staff at Certified Priority Restoration uses environmentally friendly chemicals and specialized equipment, while following industry standards to ensure the job is done right. We offer free estimates and will walk you through the entire water damage restoration process. In North Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida communities call Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016 for all your flood damage repairs and restoration!