The Benefits of Using a Fort Lauderdale Flood Damage Professional

Why Hire a Professional?

After a catastrophic event such as a flood or plumbing issue, many homeowners try to cut the costs associated with the cleanup of their property. However, most homeowners lack the training, experience and equipment needed to completely clean up, dry and repair a home or other structure affected by water. Restoration professionals are prepared to perform all the tasks needed to return your home to its normal state. These tasks include:

  • assessing the extent of the damage, including locating hidden water
  • making a plan to extract standing water, including contaminated or unsafe water such as water from sewage lines or other unclean sources
  • identifying and repairing any possessions, furniture and other objects in the home that can be restored and removing any that cannot be restored
  • replacing flooring, carpets and other affected surfaces

What Does a Water Damage Restoration Professional Do?

A restoration professional can remove any standing water from your home quickly and efficiently with the use of submersible pumps and other equipment. After this, the staff will:

  • find the source of the water
  • evaluate the damage to your home
  • reduce the humidity in your home with dehumidifiers, fans and other equipment
  • begin removing and restoring damaged possessions

Performing all of these tasks quickly is vital to your home’s structural integrity and the safety and comfort of your family. Restoration and water removal professionals have the equipment necessary to remove water and restore your home to its original condition. Homeowners who attempt to restore their homes themselves often find that it is impossible to remove water and repair damage quickly and thoroughly.

Mold and Mildew

Many homeowners who opt to repair their homes themselves are confused when mold or mildew begins to appear on ceilings, walls and floors. Water can seep into these areas and go unnoticed by untrained homeowners attempting a repair job on their own, providing a breeding ground for fungi. Unless all areas affected by the water in your home are cleaned and dried, it is likely that mold and mildew will accumulate. Mold and mildew can bring a variety of unpleasant and dangerous illnesses into your home, afflicting your family with headaches, allergies, respiratory conditions, immune problems and other conditions. Restoration professionals can identify any hidden water damage and repair them. Most restoration companies will also perform mold removal in areas where standing water was unnoticed.

Flood Damage Restoration Companies are Professionals

Enlisting the help of professionals from Flood Restoration Companies will allow your family to get back to normal life quickly and safely. If you are interested in learning more about the effects of water and moisture on your home or business property, or how to remove water and dry out a flooded building, you are invited to contact Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016.

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