Flood Damage Davie

35 Years of Experience Repairing Flood Damage in Davie

Water damage can be one of the worst disasters that can hit a home or business. Whether you have suffered flood damage in Davie or leaking pipes, water damage restoration can be very expensive. If you have flood damage or need sewage cleanup don’t wait for it to become worse. Certified Priority Restoration has over 35 years of experience repairing water and flood damage in Davie. Call us right now at 954-874-8016 for a professionally trained technician in water cleanup to be at your home or business in about a half hour.

Flood Damage can Have Long Term Effects

Flood damage in Davie can last long after the water has receded. You may have cleaned and dried the area and even repainted, but there could be damage hidden under the floor and behind the walls. This creates an environment for mold to develop and can be a good environment for some insects to thrive.

If you have had flood damage, it is good to get a professional, certified technician to examine your house. The longer the water stays in your house, the worse the damage will be. Damp walls and floors can cause mold and mildew which can be very unhealthy for people with allergies or respiratory illnesses.

Specialized Equipment for Water Removal

Our technicians have the latest equipment and use the latest water damage repair technology including thermal imaging. This is not only a quick way to detect any hidden dampness it is also the most thorough. It will pinpoint even the smallest amount of moisture behind drywall, beneath floorboards and in the ceiling. With thermal imaging, water damage, even near electrical wires and outlets, can be repaired before it becomes dangerous.

There are three categories of water:

• Clean water
• Gray water
• Black water

These categories are related to the hygiene of the water and the health risks involved. Clean water does not pose a serious risk to humans and animals, gray water contains significant levels of contamination and black water is grossly unsanitary and includes sewage. Any water, even clean water, can turn into black water if it is left long enough. This is why it is important to remove even small amounts of damp in a structure. The color of the water is irrelevant. If a toilet overflows with clear water, it is still considered black water. If it seeps into the floor and walls of the bathroom and ceiling of a room below, it is very dangerous to health.

Lingering Water and Moisture can be Dangerous

Flood damage may appear clear at first, but flooding can seep into septic tanks and broken sewer pipes and carry pathogens everywhere it goes. This is one reason flooding is considered so dangerous. It can start health epidemics if it is not cleaned quickly. Some of the symptoms that are found with contaminated flood water damage are:

• Allergic asthma
• Hypersensitivity pneumonitis
• Low grade inflammatory response
• Burning eyes and skin irritation
• Nausea, fever and headache

If anyone in your family is suffering from any of these symptoms, it could be caused by water damage that you cannot see. Bacteria and fungi man be in the air inside the house. They can cause potentially fatal lung infections in certain people.

For flood damage in Davie, Certified Priority Restoration (CPR) will give you a free water damage repair estimate. Call 954-874-8016 us right now to schedule an expert technician to visit your home or business in under an hour.