Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup

The resulting damage done to your home, business, furnishings, and clothing from fire can be extensive, regardless of whether the fire actually touches your possessions or structure. The work required for smoke and fire damage cleanup often extends far beyond where the flames have burned.

The smoke from a fire causes black marks and discoloration to your walls, ceilings, floor, and virtually any wood or fiberboard object within the rooms affected. Soot is the residue left by smoke, while charring is the burning of paint or edging without actually consuming the object. It is most often impossible to clean heavy soot and char from flat-painted walls. There is some hope for satin or semi-gloss finishes (if charring isn’t too deep), but most likely the residual smell will remain a problem even after cleaning. This is the reason why a professional assessment of the total damage done by the fire and smoke needs to be made before undertaking a cleanup operation.

One of the more important chemicals used in cleaning smoke damage is trisodium phosphate (TSP), an extremely powerful and harsh compound that can irritate skin and eyes severely. One more reason to seek professional assistance in any attempted fire damage cleanup operation.

Excessive heat can cause bubbling and blistering of the paint on your walls and ceiling. These bubbles or blisters cannot be “undone,” but can be repaired. Too extreme an event may make such repairs ineffective as the amount of work and repair might be more extensive than the actual stripping and repainting of the surfaces.

Beyond any visible damage caused by fire and smoke, the fact is that smoke can leave an odor that clings to your walls and other objects. Smoke odors that have permeated your carpets, draperies, furniture, or clothing are virtually impossible to remove from those items.There is little that can be done to eliminate the smoke odor unless these items are removed or replaced.

Experienced Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup Company

You might be reluctant to contact a professional smoke and fire cleanup specialist, since the process involved in repairing your home or place of business can be costly and time consuming. The time factor will be with you regardless of your approach to solving your problem – self-repair or professional repair of extensive smoke and fire damage will take time regardless of who performs those repairs if those repairs are done right. The question of cost is one that will involve your insurance company. We at Certified Priority Restoration handle all aspects of the insurance process for you – we deal directly with your insurance company. We make sure that you are properly covered for the best smoke and fire cleanup process available, so that you can return to your normal lives as quickly as possible.