Fire Damage Fort Lauderdale

Hire Experts for Fire Damage in Fort Lauderdale

Home and business fires are a common occurrence that can result in serious water damage requiring immediate attention. If you are in need of repairs due to water damage from fire suppression in Fort Lauderdale, call Certified Priority Restoration at 954-874-8016. We can have a technician at your door in 30 minutes or less. Smoke and water cleanup after a fire requires knowledge, experience and specialty equipment. A call to our qualified experts after a fire will ensure the removal of smoke and moisture from all surfaces to avoid further damage.

Multiple Restoration Issues

Fires happen in businesses and homes for various reasons such as faulty electrical wiring or kitchen disasters. Alternatively, your home or business may have been near a wildfire. Whatever the reason for a fire in a building, you need a certified fire and water cleanup team as quickly as possible. Fire disasters create multiple restoration issues for homeowners and property managers. In addition to serious damage from flames and smoke, your business or home will have water damage. Serious water damage after a fire frequently happens due to automatic sprinkler systems that are in many buildings.

Efficient Water Removal

Fire sprinklers are an important safety feature that saves lives while preventing extensive damage from flames. However, the sprinkler systems also alert local fire departments to arrive at a building to assist with dousing the flames. While you are grateful that a home or business may have been saved from fire destruction, now there is extensive water damage that requires immediate restoration. Now is when you need a team of experts that understand how to repair water damage from a fire in Fort Lauderdale. The certified technicians from Certified Priority Restoration have over 35 years of experience removing smoke and water damage throughout the Fort Lauderdale area.

High-Powered Equipment

Fire fighters are required to use massive amounts of water to ensure flames are completely out in your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, you have the problem of water damage in your home or business. Our water restoration experts understand how to remove water and smoke from a building after a disaster. Our team of bonded and insured professionals will arrive with specialized state of the art equipment for suctioning water from surfaces and to prevent mold growth. In addition, our certified technicians will use industrial heat fans to provide circulation that removes smoke while assisting with drying a building’s surfaces.

Around-The-Clock Service

In Fort Lauderdale our water damageand restoration technicians are available 365 days per year, around-the-clock for emergency service. You can count on Certified Priority Restoration to repair a building’s water damage as well as fire or smoke damage. Additionally we provide residential water removal and sewage cleanups. The best time to contact us for service is immediately after the water damage occurs. Call 954-874-8016.